Young ESPO Group

Young ESPO (formerly ESPO Juniors) was created in 2018, after the ESPO meeting in Stockholm, to congregate every junior ENT (under 45 years old), that has a special interest on Pediatric ENT.

Our goals are to:

  • Build a network for junior pediatric ENTs
  • Help develop learning opportunities on Pediatric ENT – formal and online courses
  • Highlight ENT training opportunities.

Come join us and become part of a community of training doctors and share your clinical and research knowledge on Pediatric ENT!

There are several Fellowship application details & reviews on Pediatric ENT institutions around the world available on the Young ESPO Members’ tab within the Members’ area of ESPO, such as for:

  • United States
    • The United States Medical Licensing Examination
    • North American Paediatric Otolaryngology Head and Neck Fellowship Details
    • ACGME & Non-ACGME Fellowships
    • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Canada
    • Toronto Sick Kids
    • McGill University / Montreal Children’s Hospital
    • University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • United Kingdom
    • Great Ormond Street
    • Evalina Children’s Hospital, London
    • Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, Paediatric ENT Fellowship
  • Australia
    • The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
    • New Perth Children’s Hospital
    • Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane

We kindly thank our Young ESPO colleagues who collaborated with their reviews.

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Young ESPO Group 2021-2023 – who are we?

Nicolien van der Poel (Belgium)
Chair, Young ESPO

Alberto Saibene (Italy)

Hannah Emerson (United Kingdom)

Luiza Mitrea-Sireteanu (Romania)


Eric Moreddu (France)

Maryana Cherkes (Austria/Ukraine)

Jakub Zielinski (Poland)

Miray-Su Yilmaz Topçuoğlu (Germany)