It is with great concern and sadness that ESPO has witnessed the Russian invasion and war unfolding in Ukraine. While we are an organisation with members throughout Europe and across the world, including Ukraine and Russia, we cannot take a neutral stance in this disastrous conflict. While we do not hold our Russian members accountable for the atrocities in Ukraine, regrettably a country’s governmental decisions spill over to its nationals.

The ESPO Executive Board, in consultation with the Members’ Committee, has accordingly decided to suspend Russia as an ESPO member country and remove its attendance and voting rights at ESPO Council meetings until further notice. However, we recognise that Russian members of ESPO do not necessarily support the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and so we do not propose to sanction or exclude them as individuals at this time.

ESPO wishes to provide every possible support to our Ukrainian colleagues in this crisis.

Jean-Michel Triglia      Martin Bailey
ESPO President           ESPO Secretary-General