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The Bulgarian Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology under the auspices of ESPO organized conference with 54 participating countries

During these difficult times due to the COVID -19 pandemic, Bulgarian Society of Pediatric otorhinolaryngology organized the the 4th Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Conference which took place from 12th till 14th of March, 2021 at the “Pamporovo” Congress centre in hybrid model.  An extremely exciting scientific program impressed the participants, covering various topics in the field of pediatric ENT diseases from all over the world. The attenders had the opportunity to meet the leaders of the European Pediatric ORL Society – Martin Bailey (UK), Ann Hermansson (Sweden), Raymond Clarke (UK), Richard Nicollas (France) as well as representatives of the American, Interamerican and Australian-New Zealand Pediatric ORL Societies – Reza Rahbar (USA), Tania Sih (Brazil), Alan Cheng (Australia), Martin Desrosiers (Canada), Hassan Ramadan (USA). The President of the European Laryngological Society – Christian Sittel (Germany) was also our guest. The Congress president of the International Rhinologic Societies 2022 – Sergei Karpischenko (Russia) also supported this event. The German council ESPO member who is originally Bulgarian citizen and now is working in Stuttgart – Assen Koitschev (Germany) took an active participation in this pediatric ORL conference. The other guest lecturers of the international faculty were: Tomislav Baudoin (Croatia); Dmitry Zobolotni (Ukraine); Yury Rusetsky (Russia); Gheorghe Iovanescu (Romania); Onur Celik (Turkey); Marianna Zavalii (Crime); Alessandro Bucci (Italy); Burak Ulkumen – (Turkey); Alena Merkulova (Belarus); Giuseppe Frau (Italy); Mahzuna Nasretdinova (Uzbekistan); Dimce Markovski (Republic of North Macedonia). The Bulgarian interest was incredible. There were more than 400 online and about 150 on-site participants.

The Medical University of Plovdiv was co-organizer of this international forum. Furthermore, specialists from all around the world represented their daily clinical practice to show the latest developments in the pediatric otorhinolaryngology. For the first time this conference was in three languages: Bulgarian, Russian and English. On behalf of the organizers, I would like to thank our international faculty and ESPO board members for their friendly support!

Prof. Dilyana Vicheva, MD, PhD

President of the Bulgarian Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology