ESPO Webinar Recording: Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology and COVID-19

Coordinator: Mike Saunders, Bristol

Introduction: Martin Bailey, London, ESPO Secretary General

  1. General update about the epidemic and about SARS-Cov-2: Adam Finn, Bristol
  2. Focus on the prevalence, the contagiousness and the symptoms in children: Adam Finn, Bristol
  3. Consultations : remaining indications and specific precautions, especially regarding flexible naso-endoscopy and laryngoscopy: Marc Pellicer, Barcelona
  4. Precautions regarding medical treatments in pediatric ENT: François Simon, Paris
  5. Hearing tests: remaining indications: Luisa Monteiro, Lisbon
  6. Surgery: preop assessment, remaining indications and specific precautions: Ari de Rowe, Tel Aviv

Conclusion: Vincent Couloigner, Paris, Chairman of the ESPO Education & Training Committee